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Massive Financial Fraud Unearthed Involving YNH Property Bhd, Rapid Synergy Bhd,...

A recent whistleblower report submitted to the Securities Commission Malaysia (SCM) has unveiled a series of fraudulent activities involving YNH Property Bhd, Rapid Synergy Bhd, and Triple-H Autoparts Sdn Bhd. The report alleges that these companies, controlled by the same group of connected individuals, have been involved in dubious activities that systematically utilized assets owned by both YNH and RSB, amounting to over RM 300 million without appropriate disclosures or reporting.

How Yu Kuan Chon’s Underhanded Tactics Failed in Securities Firm Acquisitions

Excerpt: Yu Kuan Chon's failed attempts to acquire a Malaysian securities firm using deceitful tactics and proxies reveal the potential dangers of allowing untrustworthy individuals to control securities firms, highlighting the importance of regulatory vigilance and investor caution.

YNH Property Directors Siphon RM1 Billion into the Yu Syndicate

YNH Property Bhd's directors are accused of siphoning over RM1 billion into the Yu Syndicate through multiple joint ventures, putting the company in a desperate financial situation. Authorities must investigate the money trail and tax ramifications of these actions.
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